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LoupGarou (profile) wrote,
on 11-18-2004 at 9:37pm
Current mood: okeedokie
Music: We go on - From Illuminations in EPCOT, walt disney World
Subject: Reasonably quick update

This song always makes me feel sad. I miss Walt Disney World muchly *hugs it*. Anyway, as for how life it? Stressful. School as of recently sucks ass. The work is making me feel crappy. I imagine I'll get over it once I stop being so tired. Been having some ugly days lately. Ah, teenagers and their moments of insecurity, don't ya love it? No. Tis not loveable. I dont even know why i feel stressed. Maybe it's the makeup work from yesterday or the fact that the grading period ends Friday. I hope this week goes by fast.

I love Christmas songs.

Anyway, an update in the political world. The damn media is over exaggerating things again, but what's so new about that?
They're talking about how this marine soldier killed an innocent wounded Iraqi soldier, violating the rules of combat. The thing is, people arent getting the real story here. These Iraqi soldiers have been boobi-trapping the dead and wounded bodies of their own soldiers, so that they will explode if touched by a soldier. Recently actually, a guy from Gilroy and his friend who was over there was killed by one
of those people.
Sean Hannity played the video on his radio, which means we can only hear sound, really, but what I heard of it was the soldiers talking and then one of them going, "He's playing dead! He's playing dead! Shit! he's playing dead!" Then the gun shot.
It makes me sick how people can put a man on trial for protecting himself and his friends. And about violating the rules of combat.. what do you think these Iraqi soldiers are doing? Playing by the rules?!
Not to mention it's a soldiers reaction to kill someone if he feels he's in danger. I mean think of all the things these guys have been through! This man was shot in the face the day before and back on duty the next day.

This subject kinda reminds me of a question I asked my mom once and I asked her why they don't have people cleaning up the sides of the highways anymore, because it's pretty damn dirty. She said it was because the people think it's cruel and unusual punishment to put prisoners out there. After all, they might get hit! Oh no! These poor child molesters, rapists, and murderers aren't allowed to help the environment anymore because they might get hit by cars! Numero uno: if they stay far enough from the road, that probably wouldnt happen. numero dos: If the driver is a dumbass and hits them, get the license plate number and sue them or try them for murder or something lol. Then they can be the ones working on cleaning up the trash. Or, to prevent all that, they can close off a part of the road or one of the lanes or something.
Silly silly liberals.

NOW ON ABORTION! WOOHOO! Bunch of political crap here.
First of all, these people are whining "Women should have the choice on whether they want to give birth to the baby or not." HELLO HOME DAWGIES! Them thar wimmin had the choice to have sex! Simple as that. You talk about well they'll find illegal ways to do it if it's banned and then people will die because of it. Okeedokie. Then DON'T TRY TO KILL IT! What a concept. Give birth to the baby, and put it up for adoption.
Now there are a few exeptions, and I mean very few in my case. Rape, for example. I have been told that after someone is raped they take them into the hospital and clean things out to lessen the chance of the woman getting pregnant. Of course, if you're a little too late, man does that suck. lol. I guess depending on how strong of a person you are, if you were raped and got pregnant, try to have the baby and give it up. Though of course it would make me sick to have the child of the person who raped me, so I dont quite know my stance on that. The second condition, is if the mother is in danger of dying because of the pregnancy. She will be labeled by me as a complete dumbass for having sex and not considering the consequences, and I wouldn't think of her as a very honorable person, but I suppose if she has to get an abortion, then she has to. Though it also makes me feel gross to say that.

On the death penalty, people say that those who are pro-life should be against the death penalty as well. I'm not. It's a simple as this: there's a difference between taking an innocent life and a sick murdering bastard's life.

Now on a happier note, my mom told me a few weeks back that she was doing something at school. Actually I think it was the seventh grade zoo trip that she was chaperoning, and she had that Clark girl in her group. Mrs. Clark, who was that science teacher lady for the lower grades at some point, is in the army. Still in the U.S., but she's preparing troops to go in to Iraq I think. The clark girl was talking with my mom and she said very cautiously: "..So.. who are you voting for?"
My mom said "Bush" and then the Clark girl smiled and said "Good. Because he'll get my mom home faster."

Now out of politics and back into my life. Let's see, what's happening in my life? well, the play went well and was a lot of fun. how I miss it. So that means to practices, which, despite my missing the performances, is a good thing because now I get more rest. Maybe now I'll go back to being ridiculously hyper in the mornings. Of course that can't be good for everyone in my school, so maybe it's just good for me.
I'd talk about Ryan more, but I remember how we used to make fun of Sarah and Stephanie for talking about boys constantly, and I'm afraid I'm going to sound like them too much. I shall keep that to my paper journal I guess.

Doody Doody doody. I gotta stop eating crap, dude. Well at least recently I've been snacking too much. If I had a swimming pool I'd excercise a lot more often. Me Mum says I should ride "the bike", which is an excercise bike upstairs, if I'm feeling crappy, but I don't like it. Oh well. Gotta start somewhere I guess.

This Woman's Place Project is a peice of crap. I feel bad for those people who got the really boring women. I'm not even overly excited about doing a report on princess diana, which doesnt mean I dont appreciate it and think she was cool, but I just dont want to write a whole assigned report thing.

Anyway, I think that will be all I'll write for today. Tootles! And sorry everything's so political now-a-days!
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