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yadiffy04 (profile) wrote,
on 11-19-2004 at 12:23am
Current mood: wow..umm...Im not really in a mood right now
Music: Break Free- Queen
Hey all,

well, I dont really know whats going on with Sami I mean, Its been two and a halve weeks, and she doesnt feel confortable holding hands, I kinda think somethings going on. Right now, I feel like Im loosing hold of everything I worked for, or liked, or even loved, and it sux, i mean, jeez....I wish stuff would go right once and a while....Sami is acting different, and I want someone i can snuggle up next to, cause most people dont realize Im like that, but I like just sitting there or lying with my gf, thats what i liked about Grace, she didnt mind it. But, I mean, if its been this longm, and we still havnt held hands, how long will it be till shes willing to cuddle up with me? I guess all good things are worth waiting for. jeez,...I found out that Morgan and AJ were talking crap behind my back, and I called Morgan out on it, and he was all,.."Oh shit..." Its was kinda like the type of oh shit you say when someone finds out something they wernt supposed to. Thank you Nicole for telling me. Jeez, Its like david and Morgan are switching personalitys on me, cause last night we had rehursal at Waylins house, and David was there, and we were actually having FUN, its a big thing. He was actually willing to talk to me, and teach me parts, it was cool, so now were cool together. but now, Morgan is acting kinda like David used to act with me. I dunno, but hes changing....

WOW....youve been great to me, your always there to talk to me about anything. Im glad people are FINALLY getting the idea that I dont like you like you, but I love you as a sister. Jeez, thank you so much for everything that youve done, Ive been able to tell you about things with Sami, andwith everyone. I just want you to know that youll always be my sister. Ill always be there for you whenever your having problems with Kyle, or anyone else. Im sorry I havent called you as much as Id like to, but my parents are so strict that they wont even really let me. Over the weekend, Im gonna call, and were just gonna talk about nothing for 2 hours, ok? Man, Im so happy I have suh good friends like you, I dont know what Id do if something happened.

Home life,..Jeez lets just say it could be a hell of a lot better. Matt is being a jerk, Lucas bugs, me and my mom are always fighting, and my dad is never home. He says that Im the rebel, and that Im the worst, but they dont even know Matt anymore. i just wish i could have the good old days back, where noone cared what you looked like, as long as you were a good person, I had so many more friends back then than I do now...

Well, hapenings,.....umm....well, we had after school on tuesday, and Aubrey showed up. AJ had the whistle, and Mr Boyer started yelling at me for doing the wrong wistle cmmands, but I showed him that I didnt have one, and he was all, oh, whops, Im sorry, ..AJ! come here! It was funny then we had GATE on wed, and Aubrey was supposed to come over, but she couldnt, and we got all of our magic tricks, so, Ive mastered them all. the instructor thinks I should pursue magic, and make it my profeccion, I dunno, I want to major in music, and become a musician. So then today, we had after school rehursal, andit was ok, but the colorgaurd sux, they cant even stay ing a block formation for 50 counts, its realy quite sad actually... we got acceptd into Disneyland, but we shouldnt have, cause we suck. Castle park is on Sat along with the community parade. i only get to stay at Castle Park till like 4 o clock, because were going on vacation till thanksgiving. So, that bytes, Ill propbally just do DDR. cause Sam wont want to really want to be all touchy feely with me.

More on today... So, before school, it was ok, I got there, and was really exiced to see Sai again, then we walked tofirst, and we had a sub again, so, sence Im a TA in that class, i just chilled out for the time. Second, was the usual boring Science, but we got to actually talk when we were finished, break, Sami was gonna give me a not, but didnt, so I jacked her backpack, and then, third, we ran the mile. Fourth, we had a Bill of Rights test, and it was easy as pie, yet there were only three A+'s, and I was one of them. Adv...nothing new, Sean Kerr sux at the drumset, I could play better than him, we really need Morgan back. Fifth, um.. nothing new, same old same old. Sixth, band, umm they suck! Jeez!! Well, thats all I have to right, Im really missing Sam, so Im gonna right her a note. Later

I <333 Sam

"Life is not measured by the breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away."

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