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mizu87 (profile) wrote,
on 11-19-2004 at 1:58am
Current mood: fine/tired
Music: some beach- blake shelton
Well, .. Kyle is supposed to be making me a tattooing gun aswell. Kyle's girl acts about like me lol. Yesterday was fun. I don't remember if I typed it so I'll type it again. I went to Javi's and watched Kyle get his tattoo on his back finished and then his KDB on his leg done. They wanted me to draw drips on the Old English letters.. then his girl wanted me to making something of her playboy bunny aswell... but I couldn't think of anything on the spot. Javier wasn't allowed to go to OKC on that fieldtrip.. turns out he did steal stuff the idiot, like a bag of chips or something. But nothing big.
Stayed over, it rained all day. I got over there at 4 and didn't get home till 9. Tickled him till he was sweating so he went and sat outside and I sat on him out there.. we were out there for probably at tleast an hour. .. It was nice.. the rain .. he was warm... it was nice. Went back inside on the couch and I just wanted to kiss his neck so damn much.. but I didn't. Dad came to get me so at the door I kissed him on his cheek and he looked at me like 'wha?' and cocked his head so I kissed his other cheek, then he looked at me like I was crazy. I was holding a waterbottle and I went to the door went back to him and pecked him on the cheek again and dropped my whater, my que to leave. So I did. He was laughing at me.
Today.. Jakeeta broke her foot and Jon got fired yesterday, there short and sweet enough for ya Hiei? (I just got through typing my 1,101 word essay, thats' why it's so late/early) (oops that Justin dude who wanted me to date him came by again too. Talked for like an hour and a half. When he left he's like 'well did you give any thought to what we talked about last time?' and I said 'yeah.. sort of .. i'm kinda .. seeing someone right now' and he said.. okay that it wasn't the end of the world, sorry bud )But .. Charles.. I was.. just.. blah.. well Nichole went and bought me some Barcadi Silver Raz and.. I downed one.. and then.. another.. yeah.. I get buzzed easily... and.. she had to go take the money so she left us.. and.. I went back there and hug me baby lol and he wanted to kiss me I pulled away and he grunted like damnit lol he wants to but if I pull away he will to. And then he grabed my ass because I was pulling the back of his hair and I don't know.. alcohol makes me want to be in someone's arms, and everytime I drink, it makes me hate Brook even more. Charles was really sweet to me. In short we kinda kissed on and off.. I kept not wanting to but did anyway and.. yep..
Brought 2 drinks home for Javier and talked to him on the phone at work right after I downed them so I was just zoned out. But yeah, got home and had homework on my mind but I just wanted Javier's touch so bad. (I made him walk with me to the store today at lunch and then sit with me during this bulling cimanar)So I called him and I couldn't go anywhere because it was nine but he could come over so he did. ... I met him in the road and he's like 'gahh you drunk, I can smell it on your breath' I was freaking out. I showed him were I threw the drinks over the fence and now in the morning I have to go get them so my mom doesn't see them... yeah... But I hugged him right when I saw him... freaked him out he didn't do anything... god I really dont' want to scare him off.. why am I drinking? It's a weird feeling. But he came inside and I was all slouching on him. In short, later one, mom was on the computer, dad watching TV, lights out, glow of the TV screen and CPU screen... my back was across his chest my head under his chin by his neck, my left arm across his chest playing with his face my right hand wherever his right hand was. He tickled me at first.. on my neck next... and then.. found my spot... Brook found it before.. always kissed me there... Javier's tune changed once he found out he wasn't tickling me anymore. Could it of been the fact that everytime he did that my lips inched towards his? God my face got so damn close to his and I kept it there... I love making him nervious... all his facial hair.. soft and fuzzy ^^ ha ha but yeah... god did it feel good. I put my hand uptop his and kept him doing that... he was nervous as hell thouhg I could tell. (I also held his had during that assembly thing and he moved his fingers, rubbed my hand a bit! Yes basic I know! But big step for him) I nibbled on his hair just below his lip then pressed my lips on his and he just didn't move lol I was like 'oh god, damnit.. fuck.. dont' tell me he isn't going to kiss me' lmao but yeah he was like frozen lmao.. but i got him to turn my way and it didn't take long but i know he has no clue what he is doing lol but... i got to taste him finally ha ha ha xD god and 11 o'clock rolled so fast that damnit it left me hanging i wanted more of that boy damnit xD ha ha we had to take him home though. So at his house i gave his mom some beef stew and went to the kitchen with javier who was putting it up in the fridge and... he came up to me and leaned down and i kissed him a bit... just a bit.. and... walked to the door kissed him again... >.> pulled on his lip and boy it was like tugging a lease, he came down to me lol and he took in a sharp breath and i did to and said softly 'tomorrow' and left, about slamming the door behind me lol damnit... .... grrr... I want to attack him lol.

OH and btw I loved the way charles grabbed me. He grabbed my ass and picked me up and twirled me around lol it was fun. I have fun with him but... damnit he wants to fuck me, he even said so.

.... mmmm Bambie.
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