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xunspokenxfearszx (profile) wrote,
on 11-19-2004 at 1:45pm
Current mood: bored
Music: - None -
Subject: Why does everything have to go wrong as soon as life looks a little bit better?
Hey.. well .. havent written in here in a LONG ass time .. but im bored and wont work on school computers.. and that is what im using .. so needless to say.. im only writting in here cuz is kewl and it works on the school computers.. lol.. ant way.. got report cards today!!.. not to good and im not happy bout the grades.. but whatever.. im not smart.. im a blonde.. so whatever.. my grade point average is only 2.688 .. thats bad .. but its not that bad.. well christa is getting her casts off soon.. so her and jo can finially met each other .. hehe .. she is the new sarah in the group .. but no one can EVER relpace sarah .. but whatever.. im bored .. and i still have 20 mins left before i get out of school .. im not sure what im doing tonite but i need to get out of my house .. my mom is prolly going to make me stay in tonite and clean my room.. and of course i will becuase she has thing where if i dnt get it done by monday then she is going to hire a clown to come to the house.. and i will do any thing to keep that clown FAR FAR FAR FAR AWAY from me ... even if it means not going to the parties going on in new york and jersey.. i can miss one night/weekend of fun .. meg megs is coming home on tuseday .. cant wait .. hehe .. well .. okay.. this is getting boring .. so im going to go.. catch up with me on .. username is xunspokenxfearszx .. just like this one .. but i will prolly start writting in here more now that im in school and my xanga thing wont work.. so yeah .. lol.. <3 mandee lynn
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