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wierdo (profile) wrote,
on 11-21-2004 at 3:22pm
Current mood: bored

Well, its been quite the time since i've been on this thing. A lot has deffinately happened. I haven't heard anything new with my mom, so nothin new there. But, for winter break i'm going to Florida. We are gonna stay at Disney World for 3 days. sister is pregnant. So i'm gonna be an uncle in about 8 months here. So thats a good thing and a bad thing. I mean i'm happy for her, but then again i feel real bad cause she's not ready for it. It's gonna be so tough on her. But besides that, everything is going really well. I'm happy with my life right now. I can't really complain. I'm playing in the Meijer PowerBilt Golf Tour next summer. So i'm pretty excited about that one. I'm going to Ohio for baseball spring training during spring break too. Which is kinda gay cause its the week that i turn 18. So my sister is gonna take me to the casino when i get back from Ohio.

It would be nice to hear from some people i haven't heard from in a while. So anybody feel free to leave a comment or something.


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