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jbandkg (profile) wrote,
on 11-21-2004 at 8:26pm
Current mood: sleepy
Music: signals over the air- thursday
Subject: I knew it.
things have been pissing me off.

1. Found out that my parnets make too much money for me to get that Close up aid that pays for half of it. Yeah for a 5 person family your parnets can only make 42,000 a year I found out that my parnets make 70,000 to 75,000 dollars a year. This really pisses me off I mean that isn't to bad for a year and I always feel we make like 42,000 dollars a year just my parnets just can't organize money very well. I am going to create a budget for our family to use next year.

2. My job has really sucked on how many hours it feels like I am doing then getting my check that's only for $92.00 that's just not enough for me. I shouldn't be angry about that but I am, I mean some people don't even have a job. OH by the way another person is quiting so we are going to hire another CSR so if anyone wants to put in an app. they should.

3. I am sick of these fucking bored weekends. I know this weekend going to suck too just like this weekend. But the weekend after that will be great Dec. 3 Motion City concert I really can't wait for I really need this concert so I can go crazy.

4. Plus my chem. class I really don't get orbitals of eletrons. I am getting an F because but MR. J going to teach me tomarrow so I know how to do it fo the test. So if there is any of you out there that isn't chem. retarted like I am that could help me throught this year so I can graduate I really like if you would. That would be so great.

yeah that's about it.
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