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THEhairybeast (profile) wrote,
on 11-22-2004 at 12:02am
Current mood: feverish
Music: ---
Subject: lets get retarded in here .. ?
man tylenol is such a life saver <3

well yea my last update was ..well. alot of bs news. and no, i havent gotten any of my shit back. but i found 2 things that i thought were stolen.. a pair of ones. and a cd. .. wow. thats not even like a percentage of the shit taken. but w.e. they all deff got theres comin. but then again, i say that, yeah .. but i still want my shit back. whether they die or not. and its reallll gay like.. i get a song in my head and wanna listen to the cd .. but oh wait..thats right. i CANT bc i dont own it anymore..........reall fuckin gay.


might as well update about what ive been up to..

just the weekend --

wait..what did i do?

no monday i did something --
went to my aunts with sam to watch the eagles kick dallas's ass =). good game haha. hung out with my cuz yO.. lol leeshaaa hahaha .. yesss. had fun had fun haha. i love that house <3

tues-thurs .. nothin

..dont remember at all. haha .. tried to get sam to come here but she didnt..

SATURDAY: <--day i did shit! finally! lol
sam came over and we chilled and around..6:3O we got dropped off at tweets for a fireeeee. yessss.. at first it was pretty bad. like so much tension cus tweet was mad and just.. yeah. made things really .. awkward. sam was mad.. everyone was mad adn then all the happy ppl were annoying everyone else.. so it was like UGHHHHH kill a bitch! tension haha. it was cool tho.. all the happy ppl ended up leavin.. [ well ant and kate left before this to go eat cake =P mm cakkkeee ] and THEN all the happy ppl left.. so it was cool after then. ended up bein me sam tweet this kid alan and dave.. just chillin under the 'lean to' haha .. talkin. bs'in haha. .. uhmm idk.. the thing fell on tweet hahaha poor guy. and dave with the fuckin tractor hahahahahha "i gotta practice..".. then standin up and riding it.. haha.. anddd he came back from goin alone to get wood jsut to ask someone to come with him bc it was 'scary' haha .. and idk. the horse fartin.. oh geeze.. and bein RIGHT there when we had to walk that way..fuckkk that and *walks the other way* hahahaha ohh mann. good times good times lol.. "hey girlfriend" hahahahaha fuckin PIZZA guy was on like... the herb or somethin hahahahahahahahha omg i love it hahahahahah that was soooo fuckin funny sam haha. damnnn.. phew.. tear* haha. anyywhooo um.. idk. me and sam are good at the mating call for the goats! andd idk

once again, another dramatic weekend. pshhhht its gettin OLD biAtchs!!

soo tired.....oOo .. i experimented with me and sams hair. hahaha =X

laterrrrrr niggers

YO IM STILL MAD ABOUT THESE CUNTS STEALIN MY SHIT!!!!sdkjfak!J9d8sf9asdkfjsdklfa9898 >:O
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