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glitterkisses (profile) wrote,
on 11-22-2004 at 8:59am
Have you ever just felt like you will never be good enough for any of your wishes, or your desires, fantasy's, or even your dreams? Let alone your reality?

I feel like I can be surrounded by a sea of people, yet I still feel as empty and alone as ever.

I take a good hard look around and all I see is everyone that I love living their fairy tales. Like there's a prince for every princess except for me.

It's tearing me apart pieces by peices and theres almost nothing left. No hope, no faith, no dreams, or confidence.

I get lost in lyrics to songs, stories in books, plots in movies, but their all lies, their JUST storys, but I can't help but let me hopes roll of of it, because I don't have story of my own to tell.

I've lost my family, all my friens are happy and I'm not about to ruin it for them just because I can't take care of myself.

I look in the mirror and all I see is this stupid, shallow, vain, insenstitive, selfish, rude, loveless girl with no hope and no future and I each day that passes bye I hate myself more and more for not changing it.

There's three in the hall
From those pictures in the closet
Two in the bedroom
From the night I lost it
And one deep insdie me
Determinded to stay
They don't get any bigger
But they don't go away

Holes in and around me
I keep fallin back into
Holes dig in and surrond me
God knows what I'm gonna do
To fill in these holes left by you

I poured drink after drink
But nothing hut bottom
I've been on my knees
Admitted my problems
The love that we made
Is still brealy an echo
And I'll try anything
In these vacent hallows

There's two trhought my hands
and one through my feet
From this cross that'll bear
Till the day that I see
It's quit and it's blame
It's shame and it's hell
Seeking the truth
I dug them myself.

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