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drifting_unknown (profile) wrote,
on 11-22-2004 at 3:48pm
Music: kiss goodbye by nu flavor
Subject: it's been a long time
today i applied at another job... a nursing home... but i'd be working in the kitchen, or something like that, i'm really not quite sure, but i'll be making more money than i do right now. so hopefully that will work out for me, but i'm not keeping my fingers crossed. other than that, my work now sucks except for some of the people... my boyfriend especially. i love working with him. i love being able to see him for 8 hrs everyday and then after work hang out and see him some more. i can't believe it's almost been 8 months since we first went out. i can't believe i almost missed out on getting to know him as well as i do. i can't believe amy and todd are going out. awwwww :o) ...and patrick was in hong kong for 6 months!!! wow... i dont think i'd really wanna go there... but to just go there by yourself and be there for 6 months... wow. anyways billie might be moving in here, thats another wow all in its self. he'd move in in february and be here for like a year and a half to save money while he finishes school and then him and ros plan on buying a house and getting married. wow. but who knows if this will all happen... moving in here that is... bill and ros will happen for sure... but if he moves in then it'd be easier for me to move out maybe... i dunno... the only thing that matters is seeing something corporate in january. i'm soo looking forward to that weekend. ...i miss my teddy bear... :o(
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