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innocence (profile) wrote,
on 11-22-2004 at 9:35pm
Current mood: disappointed
Music: get low remix
Subject: suck it suck it suck it lick it lick it lick it -- lolol strawberry
okay.. well my weekend was pretty freaking awesome -- if only just a few more things went my way..

i shall start off with friday, friday went to school. exciting right? i wore my skirt outfit and two guys named mohammed yes two guys names mohammed hit on me.. reaallly weeeird! lol. anyway, so i met up w/ lovie at bayside, and then we went to my house. we hung out with paulie for a while and then john took us to a movie. we saw after the sunset. movie was good, john fell asleep so lovie and i shot spitballs at him -- SOO FUNNY. then on the car ride to the pool place we shot them all over the car, he didnt see one, amazing that guy. pool was fun, then i came home talked to my babby <3carly then*jimmy* and then laur and i went to bed in my room.

satuurday -- omg the most nerveracking day everr lol .. woke up at 825 so laur could go to her dentist thing and then when she left i passed out til about 1130. woke up, watched laguna beach, lovie came back over, we just hung out, then i packed and got ready for loong isslaand woot woot. it was a while til we were leaving, so me laur and paul all laid in his bed and played w/ our cell phones lol. soo bored, rearranging our contacts into groups -- what nerds we are!! then me john and aunt lee left to go to the island.. we arrive there and go to my aunt dee's house, they're all talking about politics.. then aunt lee and john go out to have a cig and me and aunt dee talk.. shes like .. you know, jimmy broke up with his girlfriend lol. and i was like oh i know.. haha. so anyway, i finally get in touch with jim and rob so i get dropped off over there and we played texas hold em the whole night and we were up til like 1 sumthin playing, i did good for my first time, partially b/c of the r o b . after that everybody passed out cept for me and *jimmy* so he played halo and i watched him, then when he was done we started to wach freddy vs jason, but we both passed out b4 it was over. soo we fell asleep on the floor.. omgggg i wanted him soo bad lol. i was gonna make a move.. but i didnt!! wonder what he thinks ..

sunday ... woke up with him by my side, oh i could go for that again lol. its a great feeling. hehe. my gram cooked us pancakes.. we had a uhm, interesting conversation during breakfast and a few flirty looks [ i think ] and then after that the boys played halo, and my r o b went to the hospital, he makes me so nervous. so after that rob came home and we all hung out. played smash, had lunch, more looks. .. played more cards, kinda flirted with gijoe .. played a good game then got picked up to go home :-( saddest part of the weekend forrreaaal.

but i solemly swear -- jimmy has the nicest eyes i think ive ever seen. theyre soo blue, but not ugly blue, beautiful cleary blue.. wher it looks like an ocean i swear.. its amazing the feeling i get when i look in his eyes. and his voice.. aahh so hot lmfaoo. i swear, id be so happy waking up to that face. hes soo awesome, i havent found a flaw yet, cept that we live in diff cities, but im moving to his town next yr, so it all works out i guess. but i really hope i dont get disappointed.... blecghh

nice voice
loove his eyes
awesome personality
has a car
friend of the family

JUST broke up w/ his grl.. only wants to play for now
21 yrs old
lives an hr away
not sure how he feels about me

god, i want this to work soo bad, his last two grls fuckd him over completely, and im not like that. i wouldnt use him, fuck w/ his head, cheat on him, make him spend all his time w/me, be up his ass. i would be soo good for him and he would be soo awesome for me.. wish me luck guys, i need it and i reallly think this would be good for me..

i really wanna tell him how i feel, but i think its too risky.. ahh hellpp. im going all gaga..

but im out, or else ill keep rambling x0

<333 cruushin hardcore
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