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-nightsloth- (profile) wrote,
on 11-23-2004 at 9:11pm
Subject: religion. . .
focusing on Christianity. . . . Well, it's kinda simple. We, as human beings, need someo;ne to look up to, and if not someone to model ouselves after, or something to give us hope. Perhaps, through extensive praise we can reach in to the lower parts of our minds and bring out locked up energy, and the undying stubbornness that come with the human nature. Religion is our way of keeping ourselve feeling secure, that there is always a backup. Believing in a higher presence just well, helps. It's really illogical in some parts, though. First: OK if your cChristian, and you believe in God, and almost all of America can back you up on that, what makes him any more real than Buddha. It all had to come from somewhere. Thats the disturbing part. What evidence did the people have who wrote the Bible? Were they merely philosepfers, is it maybe, an ancient nove, completely made up? I don't know much about any other religions, but they had to get thier knowledge too. So think about it. If you "felt" the holy spirit, was it a manifestation of your brain? Were the depths of your subconcious creating it to promote a feeling of security? And how real can God be if its just another branch, when there are so many other religious believers out there trusting in thier idol just as much as the Christians. Think about it.
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