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musicalbabe (profile) wrote,
on 11-24-2004 at 3:01pm
Music: Pajama Game-Hernando's Hideaway
Subject: I updated!
So much has happened! I've been sooo busy! I'll just make a short list of memorable events. This will not be in chronological order.

*Conducted the first half of the LAHS home football game and sang the national anthem with Deanna and Sharon! Oohhh, historical!

*Went to see The Incredibles with church people! Fun!

*Had an awesome Fall Finale and marched with an ADORABLE 6 year old. (Who decided that she's going to be in marching band!)

*Had our first G21 concert, a festival with like 6 other schools. Very stressful, but really exciting. I got 3 personal comments from Shaull (good ones) in G21 in 2 days! Now THAT'S an accomplishment!

*Ditched a TON of church/horseback riding because of band events... :-( I feel bad about that!

*Went to finals in Modesto!!! Cried a LOOOTTTT (along with everyone else), enjoyed a 4+ hour Senior Recognition night (such an incredible evening!), performed in Prelims, made finals, performed in finals (at night when it was coooold and windy!) and ended up getting 7th place in A, AA, AAA championships!! WHOOOO!! Probably the most rewarding/amazing/best time spent EVER. I LOVE YOU GUYS SOOOO MUCH!!

*Cried about finals at church/at home/in the car/everywhere and turned into a stress case the Sunday after.

*Lived through Monday, Tuesday, and the school day of Wednesday.

Yup, so that's life in a nutshell.

Next up:

*Thanksgiving with my mom, Brian, and Brian's mom. (only a little bitter that there's only going to be one person related to me at the table...)

*Drumguard/Clarinet/Sax lunch/party before Festival of Lights.

*Festival of Lights parade, downtown Los Altos!!
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