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yadiffy04 (profile) wrote,
on 11-24-2004 at 9:46pm
Current mood: indiscribly sad
Music: Sweet Child O Mine-Guns and Roses
Hey all,

well, jeez, ok, lets start with Sat.

Saturday, Ok, I got up, and was so jazzed to see Sam again, so I went to the band room at 8 to get ready for the parade, so, we were way late getting to the park to warm up, so then Mr Boyer had the band line up on a turn, because there wasnt enough space. But ofcoarse, they couldnt do it, and me and AJ were just laughing at them trying to get it right. But still, we finally got off and started marching, so then we get to "compititon" and were stopped for like five minutes, and it was like, come on, lets get this moving, so then the HS was at the next corner, and we started, and ovcoares, AJ does the wrong routeen, so I was gonna kill him, then he doesnt salute the HS drummajor, which makes us look like we have no respect, and it makes us look really bad. So then after the Parade, we were walking to the busses, and I tried to talk to Sam, but she just kinda brushed me off, so I knew something was wrong. So, then I was all woried on the way to Castle Park. So when we got there my window was open, and so was the drill teams windows, and they were all, hey Sam, look its your b/f, HI STEPHEN!! and I was like, well, maybe today will get better, beep!, wrong answer! 5 minuites later se dumped me for dance! Jeez, and the dance thing was only for two weeks, so then I was like fine, skrew it, and I left and just played DDR for 5 hours, and tryed to forget about it. The worst part is that her friends were sent to dump me, so, if she was gonna do it, it would have been nice face to face, but that didnt happen. So she found me later, and we talked, and I knew from the minuite I asked her out that dancs was gonna be a major thing, but I was gonna support her anyway, even Mikey told me about that. So, when we were talking she said that she had two weeks to make up 3 dances, and I didnt mind it, but she dumped me because she thought it was too much preasure, and she hasnt been there all the time for me. But I didnt mind that, because I would do anything to be with her. i really want to be with her. but I dont see why we didnt just take a break for two weeks instead of fully breaking up. Jeez, Well, Im gonna go, Im shaking, and im really sad. l8r

I <333 Sam
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