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mizu87 (profile) wrote,
on 11-25-2004 at 1:01am
Current mood: fine
Music: Nelly, Tim- and it's all in my head, play it over and over again
Well, lots and lots have gone on... me and Javi.. did I ever say I kissed him? Mr. French style? Well, I've had a couple of times. Boy he is little virgin boy... worse then Brook was.

But I .. there has been so much going on that.. I just.. it's gets too much to write..

How about an outline?
A-Javier and I see each other pretty much every night
B-Still drinking
C-Found a school I'm applying for for my Jr. And Senior years.
*D-Brook called me...

Yep still drinking.. there is a school in OKC I'm gonna apply for... I'll probably not get accepted but.. it'd be cool to be a finalist..

Brook had called.. Saturday night.. Javier was over at the time.. I went outsdie to talk to Brook.. he got so jealous.. he seemed drunk. Mom made me get off the phone.. poor javier once I got inside he went dead quite and refused to look at me for the longest time..
But I don't want to go into detail too much right now. He had called twice was javi was there and then called me when i got home from javier's.. i went out to the truck and talked to him for an hour, when his phone died. He first sang some linkin park songs, one sorry then I"m done with you i dont' need you so I dont know. But he.. was yelling and .. whatever, it was 1:00 when i got off the phone, rmeember his is saturday night. ... I took a shower and was out at 3:20 and this is in the AM too... and I had a feeling that he would call again so.. i kept the phone with me and at 3:40 he called and i said that it was his mistake, he had me when he had me that was his chance and he blew it so we are friends and that's it, hung up on him and he called me back, 'well believe what you want to believe and that's all i'm gonna say, just believe what you want to believe' and hung up on ME. Then he called me back again and we talked till the phone died which wasn't but a few minutes. He tried to tell me first that the house and car he has now was my surprise, it was all for me and shit and how he likes his new life and how he doesn't need me but then wanted me to come and wants me to have a better life with him when he's thinking i hate it here.. that's partly my fault .. always sayingf i hate this place.. it feels like home now ya'know?
But.. then the 6th time he called, his last call, he all said he loved me and blah blah. But I"m done with him.. Javier is his cusion in law and he said i'm going out with him .. and brook was saying that car driving by me and watching me was creig... i dunno.. but i'm tired...
today jaiver came over.. this morning then i had to work at 10 and then tonight i went over there and bout feel asleep and we kissed in the truck but at his house he touched my face on his own, i was surprised..

... it's strange... i.. tonight.. i felt.. like.. i didn't like him and needed to stop but then... i do like him .. but what as?
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