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thetheories (profile) wrote,
on 11-25-2004 at 2:43pm
Current mood: hey folks. its thanksgiving!
Music: goo goo dolls. dizzy up the girl
Subject: i guess i owe you this.
Yeah, sorry guys. i know i completely owe you all a decent update. Here is the news for last week....
a lot of ickiness happened. sadly none of it is really resolved. Good part- shannon is not mad at me for what i did. but she kinda did a 180 on me which makes me a bit forlorn. Whatever. i'm becoming waaay too good of a liar for my own liking. And omygosh . i have lost like 12 million things lately... my headphones and CD player, my cell phone, 10 bucks, my nirvana book brittanie returned to me, and brittanies Radio Head the bends CD. now the book and hte cd i think i left in locker room... and i hope to God that i find everything. because if i don't... Lord knows it will be hell to pay. Let's see... any other good things?? Tuesday was SICA novice tournement at Oak Lawn HS. so that was cool. me and brianna didn't really do too well... but come on, a tournament on a tuesday??? i really don't think so (in the words of my friend jillian) so yeah. denis and josh came to watch us in our second round, got yelled at by a judge. It was great... except that theyw ere getting us into trouble.. still denis looks to cute to be mad at. Oh, yeah... i'm madly in love with denis (only one n!) which is crazy... he's a senior and im freshman (although he thought i was a sophmore) I think im joining the newspaper... and ill have more updates on all that later. I do S.O.S now. which is special occasion speaking for the speech team. You write a speech and infuse some sarcasm into it... needless to say, sarcasm is my specialty! lol. Its all good.. nothing else of note has really happened. OH WAIT! it SNOWED yesterday!!!!! hahaha. great packing snow... great snowmen. life is grand.

liz<-- i am thankful that holidays come only once a year! lol. ::giggles, DENIS!::
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