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MizzPunkRockPrincess (profile) wrote,
on 11-27-2004 at 3:23pm
Current mood: cold
Music: A Place For The End-Dear Whoever
Subject: emotion is dead..
i'm sorry.. i've been really emotional lately. i can't help it. wait, yes i can! yay.. i can help it.. but yeah. i got into a fight with billy, josh and my dad last night. billy made a comment about me smoking and i went off on him. i started talking about he has no idea what life is like for me and how he's just an immature brat. i woke up my dad. big mistake.

he came in there, griping at me like nothing else. i started griping at him back. there was NO WAY in hell the i was going to let him get mad at him when it was his son that had started it... so yeah. about 3 hours of arguing and him rambling on and on and on and on and on and on(i think you get the point) about stuff that didn't have to do with the conversation.

anyways. this morning, i was up before everyone else and so i sat in the chair, listening to my music. chris decided to come in there and be a smartass. she goes 'if it wasn't for me going to see my family, i wouldn't even be going'. i heard. i told her 'good because i don't want you going anyway' and i got up. ⌣

it was such a long ride home. but i finally made it and i told my mom about everything.
ooh. btw. my cousin amanda, looks like ms. hunt. hehe. i just noticed it the other day. it was hilarious.

so i watched saved earlier. it was a really good movie. very funny. i need to take a shower and take a picture of my hair. i'm going to do that in a few momentums. hehe.

i'm probably going to watch the day after tomarrow with tyler later. if i'm not dead tired. but yeah. i have a nike party to go to tomarrow. my mom really should be taking me to the city. but does she? nope. we're too poor to go get me shirts. i'm probably going to have to make my own band t's. bummer. whatever though. i'm out of here!

"I spend my nights dead face down on my floor
but the drugs aren't really working anymore
the nights are mostly just depressed
from staring at my open chest
I'm bleeding and I'm heartless but I'm yours
and I'm scratching down every blurry scene
on the mattress where you used to sleep and dream
I'd rather chew on broken glass
than keep on living in the past
and wasting time on words I know you didn't mean"

. j o r d a n .
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