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shiznit05 (profile) wrote,
on 11-27-2004 at 11:50pm
*FRIENDS* {most likely to..}
1.Fall in love: Sara
2.Become a Wall Street stock exchanger: Daniel…he just wants to be rich
3.Become a doctor: Douggie
4.Become a stripper: Megan or Stevie…like that one time in my front lawn..
5.Be seen in "Girls Gone Wild": that’s so megan!
6.Become a singer: Megan…all of these are going to be megan lol
7.Become a dancer: MEGAN!
8.Become an actress: not megan
9.Win on Survivor (and why): adam…he’s gonna be an eagle scout!
10.Be the first voted off on Survivor (and why): stevie…that giggle will cause people to hate her
11.Become a computer nerd: douggie…or joe
12.Make billions of dollars by selling overpriced water to people in the desert: Daniel..he’s mean, and wants to be rich..ian will be his partner, and barber will be there too haha
13.Become a druggie: hmm
14.Become an alcoholic: that would be me
15.Be seen on America's Most Wanted: Daniel ian and barber…for scamming people out of their money for overprived water
14.Become the creator of a sleazy reality show: Sara
15.To become gay: Daniel! Haha
16.Be on Jenny Jones: Stevie
17.Host a show similar to Jerry Springer or Jenny Jones: Megan
18.Be on welfare: Daniel..because he’ll get his billions of dollars and then lose it
19.Get married first: Sara
20.Never get married: Brian
21.Have a perfect husband, a minivan, 3 kids, and a big house: Sara or Megan
22.Have 5 kids by different fathers: oh geez
23.Marry a millionare: ooo I hope it’s me haha jk..we’ll say Daniel
24.Marry a nerd: Stevie
25.Marry a hockey/football/baseball player: me or megan
26.Marry someone they met in a bar: sara
27.Never marry: see #20
28.Divorce more than once: idk
29.Become a housewife: Stevie
30.Become an avid coffee drinker: megan..always on the go
31.Become a raver: ian lol can you imagine??
32.Become a police officer: Adam
33.Fail high school: Hess…poor guy
34.Never learn how to cook and/or use a washing machine: all me, all domestic qualities have skipped me
35.Become a comedian: not megan…
36.Be a good mother: megan…me…Amanda..stevie…sara
37.Live in the same city they were born in: stevie
38.Move to California: Sara
39.Move to New York: Me
40.Move to Hollywood: Megan
41.Move to a southern state: me megan and sara
42.Become a farmer: Brian…megan will try
43.Become a hairdresser: Sara
44.Become a sports star: Adam
45.Be a vegetarian: Sara
46.Wear only black: umm
47.Be the center of attention everywhere: Megan
48.Succeed in life only because of looks: umm
49.Never be labelled as a "dumb blonde": umm
50.Succeed in life: I hope all of us
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