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kobler (profile) wrote,
on 11-28-2004 at 2:07pm
Current mood: giggly
Music: Goodbye to You- Michelle Branch
hey all!!!! whats up?!?! OMG i havenít update in SUCH a long time i am really sorry about this i know that my journal is the reason why a lot of people live! HAHA jk but yea i know you you are all excited to learn whats been happening in KOB land. oh god. haha so yea where shall i begin o yea our meet in NYC was 2 weekends ago and it sucked meagerly.... donít want to talk about it that much too lol i think the only race i had that was half decent was my 400 IM but still my time was less then spectacular lol! o i saw Brian Hoffman that weekend o man thought i was going to kill him but none the less i missed him tremendously! lol so last week was blah i got a NEW cell phone and i was sick thatís all that really happened o and of course MOUNT SWIMMING HAS COMMENCED! yahoo! im excited were going to be awesome again this year! ESSEX COUNTY CHAMPS... what! haha yea im MO excited lol.. WOOO! haha so yea i have been practicing really well these past 2 weeks i am proud of myself! lol itís been nice to feel in shape again after not being in shape for such a long time because i was on recruiting trips and such! lol! O YES and finally this week was THANKSGIVING BREAK! wooooooo! haha it was awesome let me tell u! lol swimming and eating and seeing the college kids! soo yea lets see yesterday i swam and went to adrenaline, went shopping with my mom and then went out with Catie and Tara oo man goood times! haha! friday- TWO two-hour practices. enough said there! lol o and team bonding experience @ my house it was a lot of fun too! except i called someone cause i was an idiot and made a complete ass out of myself and now i wont talk to them... blah. boys are WAY to fucking complicated to figure out.. whatever im over it.... hence "goodbye to you" get it, got it, GOOD! thursday TURKEYY day woooooooo a lot of amazing food great day thank you! lol i am thankful for a lot of things in my life like my fam, friends, swimming and the fact that i am in college WOAH thank you for that one! YAHOO!!! PENN STATE! haha okay im going off topic! lol Y'ALL better come visit me @ PENN STATE next year! lol u know it! haha then wednesday swam and i hung out with brie lex and bets! yay MEXICALI o yum it was so good and then lex bets and i made chocolate covered pretzels o they were tasty! lol sooo yea that about covers my life right now... as usual nothing too exciting @ all blah i want something exciting to happen to me!!! lol o yea and back to boys.... arghhh scratch that i am way to frustrated to even talk about it. so yea thats about all for now! i have the mount pasta party tonight wooo should be good times! lol but yea thats about all for now! love u all sooo much! ttyl

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