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glitterkisses (profile) wrote,
on 11-28-2004 at 5:03pm
I hate you for tearing this too pieces just to put them back together again, and who knows if you'll finish the puzzle.

I hate people who smell bad. I LOVEEEE LOVEEEE people who smell good.

I hate the movie King Pin cos Collin is stupid and made me rent it.

I hate that I don't like Anatomy because then I never pay attention. Why I took that class I don't know because it will never help me because I want to be a teacher slash little kids basketball coach.

I hate that this is still my junior year cos I want it to be my senior year soooooo bad! I would do anything for this to be my last year so I can go to CMU and forget high school. I want to go to college so bad cos i hate hate hate!! high school!

I want someone to have and to hold. without getting involed, scared, and running away from it.

I hate my mom and what a terriable mom she really is.

I hate that I ahven't talked to my pretty pussy Jess in like 3 days. :( Where are you pussy???

I hate that you call at the worse of times.

I hate that I can't find a job.

I hate that I can't drive.

I hate that every time I see you I want to smack you for not seeing how great things really are, and how great they could be for you, but I just don't say anything because the thought of fighting with you, again..breaks my heart.

I hate that I have red hair, boo I'm sick of it. and It's "lucious" curls as Andy perfers to call them.

I hate that I'm ACTUALLY wearing the thongs that Joey got my for my birthday lol. What a faggot.

I hate that I've sold ONE add total in yearbook class, and I know how to do absolutely nothing at all!

I hate that I'm obsessed with Rascal Flats and everytime their song comes on I honestly flip a nut.

I hate that school is back in session tomorrow :( ughhhhhhhhhhhhhh

I h ate that I'm so upset over nothing and sometimes I get so worked up just for the hell of it, and I can't help it and nothing can stop it or make it okay. I just ugh hate it.

I hate I hate I hate kdjfakjdfkasjdf

No one understands how I really feel about anything...because no one knows. I bet my soul..that no one will ever even be able to understand how I feel about a single thing.

<3 Jess

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