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cait0880 (profile) wrote,
on 11-28-2004 at 10:19pm
Subject: Kris... hes so silly

MrLunt135: hi
nofx608: hey whats up
MrLunt135: nothing
nofx608: cool
MrLunt135: i guess
nofx608: nah not really
nofx608: its always better to do something
MrLunt135: i went to valley stream
nofx608: what today?
MrLunt135: over the weekend
nofx608: cool
nofx608: i was there on thanksgiving
nofx608: did you do drugs?
MrLunt135: NO
MrLunt135: did you?
nofx608: nope
MrLunt135: who asks that. really.
nofx608: i think of cocaine when i think of valley stream
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