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Brad (profile) wrote,
on 11-29-2004 at 3:08pm
Current mood: bored/tired
Music: TBS - Bonus Moshpit Pt. 2
Subject: Come on say it is
The parties..they've been real, they've been fun...but they havent been real fun. its dulling, less and less people show. but hey, everything's cool. i've hit rock bottom with eating. yesterday i had to bring back like $2.50 worth of pop bottles. i got 2 6 packs of ramen..a meijer 2 liter, and i had to steal the koolaid...I FUCKING STOLE KOOLAID. then later on me and nate went back for some tortilla's and cheese. wouldnt be my first time stealing cheese. anyway, im just chillin here alone at home. nothing to do, no one's online. i turned in 5 aps yesterday..hopefully i can get my ass a job. i need the money. i owe lots of people, i must pay them back. i wish i had something i could sell, but i aint got shit. well, i guess im off to find something to do. later.

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