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andi (profile) wrote,
on 11-29-2004 at 3:42pm
Current mood: amused
Music: "Breathe"
Subject: When I was in church...
Why did God want Samuel to sacrifice his 12 year old son, Izaac?

Because if Izaac was a teenager it wouldn't be much of a sacrifice.

At the Pearly gates there is a taxi cab driver that is all scruffy and dirty and behind him there is a pastor that is clean cut and totally lived for God. Peter (the guard at the gates of Heaven) said to the diver,"what is ur name so I can look in the book to see if ur name is there, so you can enter the gates of enternal life?" The driver replied in a new york accent, "My name is Anton diggs." Peter replies, "Yes here is your name. Here is your gold staff and silk robe. Now u may enter the gates of Heaven."
The Pastor was next and he was all excited b/c he did everything he could for God. Peter asked his name and the Pastor said,"My name is John Smith." Peter said," Here is your name. Here is your wooden staff and here is ur cotton robe. You may now enter the gates of Enternal Life." The Pastor was confused, "Why does that driver get a gold staff and a silk robe and I've been a pastor and telling people about christ for 45 years and all I get is a wooden staff and a cotton robe?" Peter looks at the man and replies,"Up here we do things by result. As you were preaching you were making people fall asleep; As the taxi driver was driving he got the people in the back to pray."

Yea...jokes in church. Gotta love 'em.

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