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sputnik (profile) wrote,
on 12-1-2004 at 12:37am
Today is Mommy's B-day. I'm not doing anything special for her today but I was the first to wish her happy B-day.

Anyways, last night was fun. David, Mike, Daniel, and I all hung out and we were gonna go skating but it was closed due to rain (DUH) but David was pissed anyways. And then it started snowing when he drove me home and it was really pretty. I think it's cool how he was so amazed the snow looked so cool in the headlights and stuff. He's sucha dork. I love it.

Mike and Dan were being really nice to me. And then kind of teasing me. I don't think they hate me anymore is the point, because it would be aweful if his family and friends hate me as muchas they hate Mike's girlfriend. She's really pretty and high matinence (totally opposite of me) and i think she's nice but they think she's a bitch.

I am tired of school and can't wait till break.
I wanna go home now. I hate the freaking bus. See ya if I don't die.
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