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puddlejumper526 (profile) wrote,
on 12-1-2004 at 10:59pm
Current mood: bouncy
yeah yeaah!

my leg is friggin killing me. it hurts reeaally bad. like where my calf is. uhhuh!

and i ain't go worries, 'cos i'm in no hurry, at all!

--forgetting why i am updating--


PASSION PUNCH SHERBET is THE bEST! fa sho!!! mm.. it's so yummy.

i've got a lil homework to do & then i might clean my room a little.. this weekend if i've got time or the willingness i need to go through my closet and throw alot of shit out. i bet after i do that my closet will be half as full as it is now. that's how bad it is. + i need to make a trip to platos because i've got a ton of clothes to get rid of & i'm BROKE!! aahh.

since i've already shared my plan with kayla, the rest of the world gets to find out..
when it first majorly snows i'm going out and renting christmas movies.. the ones i really wanna watch are 8 crazy nights [ADAM SANDLER rox], the christmas story & elf.. this probably won't end up happening until febuary so i might end up doing it sometime before christmas or on christmas, who knows.

i made the start of a christmas list the other day, can't think of too much, but the few big things i do want are pretty expensive so i dunno.

i'm quite bored.

well that is all.

wait! .. if i told you you have a beautiful body, would you hold me against it?


oo yaa!!


TODAYS DECEMBER!! yeeah!! that much more closer to maaaayyy.
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