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puddlejumper526 (profile) wrote,
on 12-2-2004 at 8:31pm
Current mood: blah
Subject: back again for the daily rant
okay, well.. here i am. umm.. so justin calls me at like 330, and he asks if i can do something today and i go yeah & he says he'll be over at 630, 650 i call him and he doesn't answer, still haven't talked to him..

[*Karlie*]: he's so fuckin stupid, seriously, at first i thought he was cool and shit but now i just think he's a retarted ass hole
[*Karlie*]: he needs to get a life



i'm excited for tomorrow. eeeheheh. ummm yeeeah! 'cos it's friday ;) and stuff.

where's my tall dark and handsome?

today in english was so awesome.. we took a quiz on TKM and that took like 5 min & after that she told us we could lay on the floor and read.. so we were all passed out on the floor.. jason took the table and a computer desk.. DORK!! me andrew erin and adam layed on the floor, t'was fun, we did everything except read. we sat and chatted and stuff. good times. we made plans to do it again at adams.. haha. it won't happen, but it'd be fun.

okay well i'm going to go read, 'cos that's my only homework, fucken right man! and eat some sherbet because it's the BEST!

love ya'll

& kayla --- you should go to winter formal.... paaaheelleeeasseee!! puppy dog eyes! you can come and look at dresses with me and karlie this weekend!
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