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cait0880 (profile) wrote,
on 12-2-2004 at 8:48pm
Subject: Attiude ... you got some fucking attiude
Erin + Cait + Crack + sugar - Crack= singing disney songs in the car
Erin came over and we cheeked out the new 7 11 ... for me it was like my 30th time for erin it was her first
i drank shit and then throw it out and we left
.... i didnt pay for it i just kinda walked around drinking it was funny
Then we went and got ice cream
I payed in change
We went to see the joe link
He told us of free starbucks
So we got some free stuff
at this point i was hyper enought
Add more sugar and i was insane
We fuccking sang a whole new world
ANd i was jasmine and she was Aladin
It was fucking so cute
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