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cait0880 (profile) wrote,
on 12-4-2004 at 9:44am
Music: social d
Subject: I love my friends but i missed louie hanging out last night
So i got home and tired to sleep, i didnt have work. Thank god for half days. So i went to the bank and didnt something that was so hard. I took out 800 dollors and handed over to my father. So now everything for the car is paid off and its mine. Its still said but i still do have alot of money left. Anyways leann came and got me, we went over to bands of the bull. All the bands of people i knew were awesome and thats not just because i knew them its because there the only ones who arent 12 and had some talent. Then Joe, Brain, Matt, this kid i never meet but he was nice and pat all went. There were so great. Even if there set was mostly a joke, being that they wore tight leather pants and all, i still think that everyone in that band is reallly good and what they do.
Then we tried to go to friendlys but it was soooo crowed so went to friendlys over by the movies but that one was insane also so we went to buger king. Then we went into town and hung out in joes van for a while. Then joe had to leave (me and joe will be 18 in like 10 days and he still has to be home at 11) Anyways he took matt with him and I dont really know what happen to brian aurthus but its okay. So leann and I headed to this kid Doms house who thinks i hate him he said that his sisters told him cait caramante hates you. but i dont even know him and i didnt even hate him after talking to him. He has the best house, its so dark and pretty and smells like wood every place. Then i went home and now im waiting to call louis so i can ofter to take him out to eat or something
Oh and i got lots of drunken phone calls from my buddy time and im hoping for more tonight
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