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wierdo (profile) wrote,
on 12-5-2004 at 1:11am
Current mood: shocked

Dear lord tonight was insane. It started off with me working a few hours. Then i picked up Emily and we went to my house for a little while. I was gonna go to the play...but my brother would have been home by himself cause my parents were gone...and he didnt want to go. So we stayed at home and had some friends over. And everything was great...until 10:30 rolled around. I won't mention names....but an old story was brought up between this ex-couple and all hell broke loose. These people were bitching and screaming and fighting so bad that people were climbing through my livingroom window to get outside to be away from them. So, it might not seem like much, but if you were there then you know it was quite a big deal and it was very shocking. So yeah, thats all that really happened this weekend. Not real interesting. But yeah off i go now to bed for some sleep.

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