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dumbblonde1137 (profile) wrote,
on 12-5-2004 at 9:48am
Current mood: exhausted
Music: dive in
Subject: its time to soar....

yesterday was awesome. SATs werent too bad. paul was there thanks god so at least i knew sumone and sum ghetto dude in front of me kept talking to me about real estate..? lol. after daddy took me to mcdonalds. then went home and my ryan cabrera purse had arrived in the mail!!!! yay. its so cute. but yeah. then got ready to go to camila quince..

me camila nicole camilas dad and julian all went to camilas party thing together. it was friggin hilarious. i love that family. we had to drive like 48304823 miles outta the way to buy sum smelly spanish food and shoes for julian so naturally we were late to camilas own party. but in the car we sang songs haha and julian humped camila and the man in the car next to us shook his head in shame. LMAO. it was greeeat. got to the party and kristin was tehre already. we all jus ended up hanging out-me, nicole, camila, kristin, brian, estefiania, nacho, daniella, alex, and julian. it was fun. daniella and nacho kept giving me then teachin me spanish. haha. awww camila had to dance with all the men. hehe. i swear to god, the dj was a freaking TRANNY!!. haha we left at like 10:45 and got in this nice car with her cousin (who, i might mention, had been drinking at the party) omgggg he was going fucking 70-75 down the road and at one point almost hit 90 to squeeze between these two cars. i thought we were gunna die. came home with a bunch of the spanish people and me and camila and brian and julian jus hung out and played with the vibrator thing. hahahahahahhaha. then i went home at like 1. it was so much fun though. gosh, and ive never talked in so much spanish before. haha. ímorÝte! hahah.

me and nicole + unattended alcohol at the tables = ..hahahahahaha! greatness.

-1 week bitches-

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