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heather (profile) wrote,
on 12-5-2004 at 3:16pm
Subject: get baked at the bake sale... i did.
The Buzz Bake Sale was yesterday. i went with mason and david and i can not even begin to express how much fun i had. 20 million times better then last year. we got there around 11:30 and watched the skateboarders. dom was skating and it was really cool to see him. {i saw the new shred shed video with him in it and it was nice to see him although he wasnt doing that good.} mason and david and i saw every band that we wanted to. during kottonmouth kings they had these like 6 ft tall weed plants on stage and the guy was like 'when i say smoke, you say weed,' and everyone pulled out there pipes and joints and shit. it was awesome. we saw the used, which was my favorite. we had lawn tickets, but the guy checking tickets for the seats let us in because he knew david and mason from skating at blacktop or something. so i saw my favorite band... the used...and i was happy. i lost my earrings crowd-surfing, but it was worth it. i did it like 10 times near the zippo stage. mason did it with me, but david was scared. he almost did it, but when they got him up there, he got dropped. oh well. i saw a bunch of people i havent seen in a while, like nick sassian, elle and i saw wayne.... havent seen him in a long time. we met up with mike but all he did he whole day was try to get backstage. and he did. during taking back sunday, mason got seperated from us and david and i were up at the front and when the band came out so did like10 other people on the side. mike was just chilling up there soo happy. it was nice. we met up with ciron and josh and gundy and hung out with them during korn and then the 5 of us {mason, david, ciron, gundy and i} went to denny's and ate. i cant wait till next years. i will make it a point to come home from UCF and go to the bake sale.

i went and got detox shit for my drug test tomorrow. thank god for fake id's, cuz i guess they wont selll that shit to people under 18. but i got it. my mom thinks i am a dumb ass for smoking three days before the damn thing. but hey, i need this job. it will be fun.

homework to do today. lots of it. then i got plans to go out to dinner with luis and then prolly go and hang out with ... yepp... so to who ever reads this, have a good day.
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