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mizu87 (profile) wrote,
on 12-5-2004 at 5:04pm
Current mood: fine
I have some free time so I thought why not the hell update? Javier is over just about everyday, he's maybe only missed 3 or 4. My room is clean so now he goes in my room with me, I just cleaned it 2 days ago I think. Joseph had come with Javier and fell sleep on my bed, woke up twice coughing like hell, fucking all the weed he smokes, spit up shit all over my pillows... yeah disgusting, I turned to Jaiver and yelled at him "you let him smoke when he's like this!" I was pissed. It was 12:45 and they had to go. I painted Joseph's nails and ear with silver nail-polish and woke him up. I changed my clock to 5:45 and he really believed it was that early when he woke up lol it was funny. He just woke up said geeze rubbing his head and walked to the bathroom like it was his house! But we drove them home that night. Now that same night before hand, I walked up to the school (this was Friday) because I wanted to get Jaiver and say hi to Lenka because there was a b-ball game going on. I see them outside and walk inside with the, Joseph and Javier. Said hi to Lenka and on the way out... a old brown car drove by and honked.. it was Don and Sunshine, Brook's half sister and brother-in-law. Don said hi to Jaiver and Sunshine was just walking away only waiting for Don.. I said what's up and they did too.. they seemed not to want to talk to me.. I asked them "so have you heard form him?" don said every once in awhile. ... yeah.. (eailer that day Javier and Joseph came over while I was cleaning my room and had a bag of weed with them, boy I fucking kicked them out of my yard and at the game Jaiver still had the bag and... he gave it to Joseph and I told Joseph he wasn't comming over with that. So he stayed at the game. On the way to my house, me and Javi walking, I fucking yelled at him again. Saying never, NEVER bring that shit in my yard again or bring someone who has it on them in my yard. I told him that if he is smoking it or if we are somewhere and they start passing it around, to never offer it to me, NEVER. That even people in Bulldog town pass it over me. He didn't like being leatured but his fault. Got home and just laid around till Joseph got there, then yeah, ya know.
Yesterday mom, dad and I went to town and went to Simons then Walls then to eat at the Chinese resturant with Beybey and then to Country Mart and home. Went to Javier's house around 7 when we got back and his mom said he was at Joseph's, spending the night. So we drive by there and he and Christain are playing basket ball, well Christian is and Javi is laying down on the ground. He comes up to the car and bums a ride to his house to go get an electirc heater because that house has no propane. His mom wouldn't let him have it because she thought I'd cause a fire so yeah, he had to eat there then he said he'd walk to my house. Joseph said he had to be back by 11. So blah blah time goes and it's like 9 something (he is already over) and we are just laying on my bed watching TV. Joseph came over and said they had to be back by 10. Yeah, so it was fishy because he said 10:20 then 10:30 and then 10:45 and then 10 till 10 and just blah blah so Yeah they left at ten and Jaiver and him came back after "begging" joseph's mother to come back over. Played Mancala with Joseph and Speed and then a dice game called Phrase 10, which neither understood, and yeah.. time was up so we went outside since they had to be back at 11. Javier hugged me and Joseph said that he didn't need me, that he had other bitches to do shit for me then he said he didn't call me a bitch that he was talking about other girls, boy I stepped down my steps and slapped his face and told him not to talk about girls like that. I got pissed and walked past javier and slamed the door. Went to my room and watched Ghost in the Shell on CN. I was just watching TV and completly forgot about being upset and around 12 mom yelled at me saying someone was at the door, I thought she was joshing me. So I went to the door and it was Javier. I was wondering why he was by himself. He said he came back because he didn't want me to fall asleep angry. How sweet. Damn.. I think he really cares. So we went to my room and just watched the anime and this and that and then I ate me some soup and mom came in and asked Javier when he had to go home, he said that Joseph's mother didn't say when. So mom said "oooh so you spent the night over there knowing she wouldn't care how late you stayed over here and you know your mother doesn't want you out this late so that's why you stayed the night with that cusion of yours" xD I never thought about that! Mom was right too! Lmao dork. But boy did he light up like rouldolph xD lmao he was caught! We teased him, saying we was gonna tell his mama. But he stayed till.. 2 something I think.. or close to two.. I dunno. But yeah... nothing.. just under my black light I lifted up my shirt a bit to show him my stomach and his eyes windened "damn, you indian" and lol i let my shirt go and he leaned towards me and lifted my shirt up again to see, lol i slapped his hand. XD he wistled xD lmao at me! ha ha. It was awesome. But yeah.. took him home and he gave me two kisses in the truck, little pecks and went. Later that night fucking dogs got into it around 3 and dad broke them up but in the process he got his arm torn up by G-man. .... like 9 puncure wounds... I scrubbed his arm with alcohol lol bet it hurt, oh well. . bandaged it up with an ace and had to claw things so I used hair clips... -_- I wanted to kill those dogs... I still do. ... I didn't go to bed till 6. Got a call this moring at like 8-9 asking for me to go into work at 11 XD lmao grreat right? But I did... it was alright. I was in the kitchen and Charles just came up behind me and hugged me.. caring like too.. it was so sweet lol I love playing with him. Playing with a man who knows what the hell he's doing... I hadn't talked to javier at all.. work was fine.. like $17 in tips.. we closed at 2 like always on Sundays.. ... I drove home.. umm.. mom said Javi had come over and he said he'd be right back.. and like 30 minutes or more pass and he comes again and I'm sitting on the couch eating and watching the 5th eliment. He came in and sat and i took his cigerates out of his pocket and threw them on the table and then there was a knock at the door after around 15 minutes (i told javi what happened last night with teh dogs and dad and he said he'd never let me doctor him lol, dad said i did a good job!) I yelled "go home!" thinking it was Joseph. I went to the door and found out it wasn't Joseph, it was Christian and his mama's car in the road. Christian said that mama wanted him to go get a hair cut and buy new jeans. He didn't want to go, he ran out to the car to talk to his mama and wanted to stay but she said no lol what a dork. I told him just to go. ... but Javier wanted to stay with me... aww.. So.. he said he'd be back when they got back.. so yeah.. that was like and hour ago or more I dunno and yep.. I gotta go pee and.. I'm bored..
Nichole owes me for covering for her so tomorrow night I might be able to bribe her to take me home... ha ha .. drinks.. damnit.. I just.. want alcohol.. I want to chug some down till I'm stumbling.. I've had 3 at one time.. made me a bit sick but.. 4 is comming up next.

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