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Brad (profile) wrote,
on 12-6-2004 at 2:55am
Current mood: content
Music: the used - yesterdays feelings
Subject: If you're my friend, READ.
For once in my life, i feel actually grown up. i dont know what it is, but i feel like an adult. after all the months of living on my own with no parents, i feel like i can actually take care of myself. i dont need parents, well i need them, but not in the case to where i need them to take care of me. i do miss my mother very much..i havent seen her in forever. i miss my dad, my little brother, and especially my sister too. i havent seen my sister in so long. it almost feels like i dont really have a family anymore. when i was younger..even a year ago, i always thought i hated my sister and i could easily live without her and not miss her. but now, i really miss her. i never thought i would think it, but i do love my sister. but i guess this happens to about everyone. as you get older.. your sibblings become so much more important to you. its crazy..thinking about all this almost brings tears to my eye's. things are happening so fast.. the more im alone, the more i realize how much i need everyone. i couldnt imagine all this without my friends, i love you all. and people like jay, he's been my best friend for around 4 years now. its all went by so fast. we have so many stories and good times to share. not once in my life have i had someone to share so much with. ive never had someone that ive been so many places and done so many things with. ive done some things with jay that i never would have done with anyone else. a lot of the things may be illegal but thats ok. its all good lesson learning experiences. but i thank him for being there for me and being my best friend through everything.

dont think i forgot about all of you if you're reading this. i appreciate everything ive ever shared with any of you. im looking forward to many more great experiences with my friends for many years. i hope that i can still have most of you years from now. well, thats how i feel..if you're pleased..good. hope to see you all soon. see ya

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