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yadiffy04 (profile) wrote,
on 12-6-2004 at 7:13pm
Current mood: effing pissed
Music: Headstrong-Trapt
Subject: Fuck you Morgan
OMFG Morgan is being an ass, jeez, its not even funny. When someone talks crap behind your friends back when your there, your supposed to back them up. Morgan says that thats beinmg a pussey, well you know what Morgan, fuck you! Its not being a pussy, its called being a friend. youve been doing this for a while, and it really sux, I thought you were my best friend, I guess not, if you gonna let talk like that just slip your mind.. Ive even heard that youve gone along with it. God, dont be suprised when someone threatens something about you and Im there and I just go along with it, and not back you up, and whoops, my friend it now on the ground in a puddle on blood because I didnt back him up. SKREW YOU!!
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