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cait0880 (profile) wrote,
on 12-7-2004 at 11:18am
Subject: HOME SICK
nofx608: your going insane
MrLunt135: no way
nofx608: denial...
MrLunt135: You know yesterday i got called a "headcase" and someone just said to me "oh cait oh cait your so crazy"
nofx608: hahaha yea your going insane
nofx608: believe it or die
MrLunt135: im going to see how maybe people agree
nofx608: good plan
nofx608: i mean for christs sake you carry ninjas with you
nofx608: you have to be a lunatic

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I just know im seting my self up for one of those people who hate me and used to comment about how im a crack whore every time there mothers let them use the computer is going to take this and run with it but soo be it ... i dont care... i know who they are...
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