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dumbblonde1137 (profile) wrote,
on 12-7-2004 at 6:24pm
Current mood: annoyed
Music: none its not working!!! -_-
Subject: gahhhhhhhh

wow im literally gunna go insane. i jus spent the last 20 minutes getting yelled at for no damn reason. i swear my parents are so weird. they threatened to ground me for life and give me no xmas presents. and i didnt do anything. wow what losers. anyways nothing happened today cept we had a firedrill and me and niki like had orgasms over piercing boy as he walked right past us and grabbed his ass. lol. then he and his brother and his friend all saw me staring at him from the second floor!! he like smiled/laughed. omg it was so horrible. hahahaha. oh yeah, me and camila saw mr. mitch in the car on the way to lowes. god hes hott. lol. oh yeah and my brother slapped nicoles ass and wackenhut saw, stopped the car and started laughing hysterically. it was greeeeat. but yeah. im gunna go get my hair re-dyed! yay. peace out.

-5 days-

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