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Glitterkisses (profile) wrote,
on 12-8-2004 at 6:09pm
Current mood: happy
Music: Blink-182 "I miss you"
Subject: I miss you so much
I don't want this to be too sudden, but thank you. In the very very short time I've know you, all my fears of never finding a guy who isn't an asshole, have completley and totally vanished.

Not only do I feel like I have found someone to fu-full all my dreams and so much more, I've got someone I can rely on and trust which may not sound like it means much, but when everyone you've ever really loved or trusted mostly family, has totally betrayed you, it means the absolute world.

I have only known you for a little while and I already feel like the luckiest girl alive. No one else, and nothing else has, and could compare to this. No one else could ever make me feel the way that you do. You really TRUELY, care. You listened to me, and continue to be there for me when I need you. And it'll only get better from here.

That time that I was with you, and I could be with you a million more times like that and it could never change, except for to get better. There's just something competley different about you, your personality, your smell, your touch, you, you're just different. The way you make me feel is totally different, and I don't ever want to feel that way with anyone BUT you. There's a comfort in your eyes that tell sme it's okay to trust you, and something in your coice that tells me this is for real, forever.

I do't ever want to let you down, I only want to make you happy and give you all that I know you deserve. I know you'll be there, to lcing on too when I'm needy and need you, to re-assure me when the world brings me down, tears us down, too hold on to my hand when I'm terrified, to whipe away my tears from my eyes, to be my everything.

I promise you there's no need to worry because I have the best of your intentions at heart. I would never hurt you. I would never lie to you. I would never mis-use your trust, I would never do anything but be me for you.

Things will only get better than how they are now.
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