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fadingfallenstar (profile) wrote,
on 12-8-2004 at 7:29pm
Subject: I dare you to say something to Brads face. You won't. Guaranteed.
Some lines from one of Joes updates that I was told to read:

"And that whole seeing brad after school thing? That's just lame. I don't need to see some douche after school every single day. If he can't cough up the balls to actually go to school instead of applying for a GED or dropping out or whatever the hell he's doing, he shouldn't have the right to hang out with all his little groupies after school. That's just my personal opinion, though. :)"

I won't ever understand that kid. He is so fucked up. Obviously it's either a jealousy thing or he's really fucking nosey. I'm going to go with both. Oh, and here's a reason why he's a hypocrite; Joey. He's one of his best friends. He's fucking 21 years old and he still visits the school, and all his little "groupies" hang out with him. Joey failed some years. Actually I'm pretty sure he got his GED.

"...he shouldn't have the right to hang out with all his little groupies after school."
Then either should Joey ('s ok if he's there after school because he brings Joe home and anything that helps Joe is acceptable), Perry, or anyone that isn't in school anymore.

And Joe is lacking credits he needs. But wait, that's okay because Joe is ALWAYS right about everything and even though he does the same shit he looks down on people for it's ok for him to do it. It's clear to see that Brad being at the school has absolutely nothing to do with Joe. Yet, he complains anyway. When is that kid going to learn? Soon, I hope. For his own sake. Anyway, I don't really feel the need to go on any further. You all know Joe's an asshole, I have nothing to prove.

But hey.. that's just my personal opinion. :)
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