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blair (profile) wrote,
on 12-8-2004 at 4:54pm
Current mood: full
Music: Somewhere Down On Fullerton, Allister.
Subject: here's to new beginnings, the second time around? :)
the account "blair" used to be something like user number seven. it's been a long time. I lazily never sent in the $2 to Andy, and so it's all gone. Which I figured was good enough, anyway. but thanks to the wonderous silvos, I am now back. <3

for the record, I would like to state that of all the books John Grisham has written, Skipping Christmas is definitely the worst. It is written from such an extreme egotistical and ethnocentric point of view. I would be ashamed to pen my name to such context. I had to read it, you use an uncommon name like mine and pair it with an uncommon dream of joining the peace corps, and I do get a little weirded out.

This is finals week. Two finals down. Bio is tomorrow. I have stressed myself into a state of neurotic-ness over the two bio midterms, and have an A average on them both. But now is the final, as long as I pull off my good streak - I'll ace the class. :)
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