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dumbblonde1137 (profile) wrote,
on 12-8-2004 at 9:45pm
Current mood: apathetic
Music: backstreet boys <33
Subject: baby its the way you make me come to get me go crazy...

today was horrible. i swear im gunna wear a fucking brown sack to school so no one can say shit about my outfit. im sick of people being gay. literally ill punch the next person who says sumthin in the face!! grrrr. anyways i got a fuckin 70% on my eviro midterm, i have an 85% in math, shittt!!! and yeah. everything jus sucks. the most entertaining thing i did today was talk about horse and zebra sex with matt george and desiree. today was a waste. ended up takin the bus to the mall with camila after shcool. it was gay. went to sum rich ladys house and she smelled camilas arm so hard i thought she was gunna suck it up! LMAO. omggg. me and camila found out the worst news! its so horrible i cant even type it. came home did english hw and listened to bsb. but yeah im in a really bad mood lately cuz i know whats coming my way (or at least i think) and i'll literally do ANYTHING to stop it. i think its h o p e l e s s tho.(yeah yeah camila, i know im doing "it" again). gahhh im jus realllu upset about it...again. god. yeah whatever. later.

-4 days bitches-


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