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standard-shift (profile) wrote,
on 12-8-2004 at 10:53pm
Current mood: happy
Sometimes the littlest things, like saying hi to someone, can make their day.

Today at Emerson I realized for the first time how much I really like the other volunteers (even though they are over 30). Bob likes to talk about the width of people's eyes (especially Oprah's), Deb is a sweetheart, Chris is hilarious and down to earth, Mary has an English accent and probably Alheimers, and then there was Jim who I met tonight..with eyes that pointed in opposite directions. I think he may have been mentally handicapped as well. And then there's that woman who I LOVE..she is the funniest and nicest person I have ever met. I forget her name. :( Ah and then there is Elizabeth..she looks just like Martha Stewart (and isn't overly friendly..however, she likes to play 'lets snowplow the city of Boston' on Then there are the two 90 year old ladies who run the front desk. Though they are forgetful, they are SUCH sweethearts. And the list goes on and on...

I met this patient tonight who must have been 50 or 60 and was talking about his motorcycle and how he and his wife bond over motorcycling. I was amazed at his good spirits after his motorcycle accident.

Anyways, they are awesome in their own ways. The hospital is like a second home to me. Everyone is just so GREAT.
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