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mizu87 (profile) wrote,
on 12-8-2004 at 11:48pm
Current mood: fine
Music: My Boo
Well, went to a school this morning, a college course school on a field trip. Javier came. We road in the bus in the back together .. sat with each other.. rode back with each other.. yeah.. Laura was the only other one around my age that went. ... School was fine. We are making Ginger Bread houses in Geometry.. Work was alright.. umm.. got some Rum Spice in my room.. I had some and chuged it down, almost made me puke. Got my Proactiv free Trail shit today.. i just got threw using it.. my face feels dry.. ..
Monday ... I passed out. I haven't had anything to drink, as far as alcohol goes, since.. that night Nichole mixed me that drink. But, Monday, I was late for school, got to work and was just zooming around staying busy and then got home and went to Javier and he came over and then we took him home at like 11 and I talked to him on the phone till 12 and then fell asleep. I tried to stay awake since I had school work.. but I woke up around 1:00 and forced my self up to shower. Went to the bathroom and turned on the shower, my head hurt a bit, and then went back to my room and fell back asleep. The fire alarm went off because of the shower so I jumped up, grabbed my nearest book, and went into the hallway to fan the alarm off. You know how if you get up too fast your head hurts and you get dizzy? Well, my head started to hurt and I leaned up against the wall after the alarm quit and .. just.. got really dizzy, shut my eyes and was out. From what my mother said, I slid down the wall to the floor. I heard my mother yell "she's having a seizer" and it woke me up. I was so dizzy, everything was moving in and out and my head hurt real bad and my body just got so hot and my face, arms, and legs were numb. How does your face get numb? I didn't know where I was. Mom was yelling and running around, saying to take me to the doctor, I said "no" I could bearly talk. .. but.. It was strange.. I couldn't move. My legs were wet noodles and my arms felt so heavy and my face was all tingly. I stayed on the floor for atleast 10 minutes. I just couldn't move. But I finnaly made it to the couch and my brother got me some ham and a drink of juice and made me eat. I was surprised he took care of me with both my parents there. Mom was in shock, it scared the shit out of her. Dad was just.. bitching because none of us eat right here.. there is no food.. at all. Mom said that I slid down the wall and my eyes were wide open, not blinking and my arms came up and I started to shake. I don't remember any of it. Dad is hyper glacymic and my grandmother on my mother's side was dyabedic and my mother contracted dyabeties durning preganacy with me so i could have dyabeties. Mom said she was afraid I was about to go into a dyabetci coma..... yeah. So.. yeah.. My arms were so weak. Tuesday I couldn't even hold a tray. My arms were so weak, my legs too. Today I was alright but I'm still feeling a bit weird, I can't hold anything for too long.
Javier is more bold in his kissing now. Monday he was reallllly high. I mean... He opened his mouth and you could smell it.. god for some reason it smelt good to me (I also smoked a cigerate at work Monday) .. but he was just hanging all over me.. bad lol I liked it though but I told him, warned him "if you pass out on me, just once, that will be the end. I had enough of that with Brook".. and he remembered it Tuesday. But yeah, man lastnight we was on my bed laying down and he fucking.. lets just say I could feel his "sexual tension" lmao but .. I need to be careful because Javier really cares about me. He's worried about me, since I passed out, and doesn't let guys bully me or anything. Tonight he wanted to lay down on me and he did. He was a bit high. And.. I was just.. ... I know so many of his spots and hit them all and ... he just shivered and reached for my lips.... .. .. .. I wish he'd touch me though.. it's just kissing ... and.. his hands.. tonight went to my neck and head so.. he is getting there. .... .. but.. He's huge.. so much bigger than brook. I have to watch where my legs go because I don't want to offend him and trust me it's hard. He's so heavy too! His arms are like a ton a piece! So he's always holding himself up... sigh.... I need to get to bed ealier... like now.. but I have homework so I'm screwed.
Dad says I turn into a pumpkin at 10 so.. that means I have to come home or they have to leave at 10. Javi's mom says 10:15 now... Oh well, works out well enough.
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