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dumbblonde1137 (profile) wrote,
on 12-9-2004 at 5:55pm
Current mood: pessimistic
Music: bsb. <3 haha
Subject: quit playing games with my [[h e a r t]]

gosh school sucks so bad. i feel like crying everyday. i hate when i feel like this. whatever. today i cried at lunch (but it was a happy cry), well actually i jus teared up cuz i was so happy. jeremy told me that hes hanging out with PIERCING BOY maybe tomorrow. i had a spaz. lol. i love him!! gah hes sooo....AMAZING. <33. i ran into the door to the locker hallway today when me and niki were getting our "aerial view" hahaha. but yeah other than that today sucked. after school hung out with nicole a little and she went crazy at camilas. i swear, shes a sexual predator. hahaha. but yeah. im getting sick and i have alot of hw. yo quiero se llamarĂ­a a mi. siiiiigh. whateverrr...

-3 effing days-

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