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blair (profile) wrote,
on 12-9-2004 at 7:45pm
Music: the science of selling yourself short, less than jake
Subject: the king's behind the counter, serving coffee to James Dean
Tonight I attempted to prove to my grandmother that our part of the family can get along. I juggled managing ten tasks, and had a very difficult time getting the siblings to do much of anything. so what have I learned? when work is accomplished, I am never credited. When things are not perfect, I am immediately at fault. Never trust my sister to make crumb topping for apples. and no matter how clean the house is, how relaxing the setting should be, and how many teeth are pulled to make the family dine together - the meal will never be enjoyable.

but I tried, and after all - isn't that what counts?

It is so hard for me to find a person I am comfortable around, someone who will accept me for me. because of everything I am, I am not like most girls.

James Dean administered my TB test, yesterday. California law mandates that people working at schools be tested within 60 days prior to employment. I lost the results from my prior TB test, and the clinic could not find their copy, either. So another $15 down the drain and the second time being poked with a needle. I think I'll need a third one in a month or two, for my TED classes at the university. Sigh.

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