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THEhairybeast (profile) wrote,
on 12-11-2004 at 1:47pm
Current mood: aggravated
Music: uo
Subject: havent touched this in a while
its been way long since i updated this. well i did on my birthday and that wasnt even a week ago. by like a day it will be.. but it wasnt an update. it was everyone sayin happy birthday to me. .. anyway. i dont know.. nothins really new. the party was nuts -- mad people showed up. i had alot of fun even with the 'drama' .. so its like 2 o clock right now. im just sittin here .. doin nothin. its raining .. woo

lately ive been doin NOTHIN soo .. the only thing i did was go out thursday. ants sister picked me kate sam ant and jenna up from school. we all got dropped off at ant's. got changed into 'dirty jersey' clothes.. as i was saying lol. and then after that we met up with jason and colby and started walkin. tweet caught up to us on his bike after a little bit and we all kept on walkin to calabrese. someone kicked the football into the street and some mercedes was drivin by and hit it and it went flyin. i was like.. dayyyyumm. lol. so it was raining cold rain and maddd people still showed up. got all muffed up and muddy. tackled a few people. yess =). gay thing: I DIDNT EVEN GET PICKED. I WAS THE LAST PERSON AND I WAS JUST THROWN ONTO TWEET'S TEAM. GAY AS FUCKIN HELL. I SERIOUSLY WAS ABOUT TO SIT IT OUT. WTF IS THAT GUYS?? .. ew.

well im mad tired, im about to sleep more. im seriously sick from all that rain. i was sick before i got there and then i just got sicker. so im hacken up alot of shit right now. haha. its soo gross. im about to go smoke haha. jk .. it would hurt so bad if i did cus my throat is like gone. =\ .. i need more cds burned guys .. anyone, anyone?

im out | laterr

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