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tinaker (profile) wrote,
on 12-12-2004 at 8:16pm
Current mood: stressed
Music: HIM - Sweet Pandemonium
Subject: Could have sworn I posted a good-bye entry before I left..
Since Legends of Elanathia reverted to Elanathia's roughly untouched mudlib (compared to Lost Legends'), I left. That was that. Goodbye coding days. I was upset I didn't get creator status, for one, and I didn't feel like I needed to ask or be asked for it. I've been with Lost Legends since October 21, 2001. I didn't like the mudlib 'idea' either of course, and that was over the top for me. I know there were so many screw-ups in the mudlib and dodgy code thanks to a fucked up ego-driven multiple personality bastard, but to me that mudlib was better. And I recall the customized parts and features in LL's mudlib were going to get implemented into Ela's, but I was not going to sit and idle there (heh..) for that to kick in. I can not stand MUDs like that. Spam hell. Shoddy NPCs running around asking to be killed, but so poorly coded that players don't feel it is even worth the privilege to be acknowledged and slaughtered, because they KNOW ten more of the EXACT SAME NPC will run into the room and flood lines of howdy-do's and how's-the-weather. GAH. Like bloody Mexicans -- never travelling alone.

"That's just wrong!" Aww...

Anyway, I'll probably switch over to another journal. If I find another MUD to put idle time into, I'll most likely continue the usage of this paid account. Tsk.

Better yet, if you know of an LPMUD that doesn't suck, I can code something here and there. Just email me with the MUD address info and a brief description of the world would be cool, too.
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