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Brad (profile) wrote,
on 12-13-2004 at 2:05am
Fuck, these words fall from my mouth like acid
you're so beautiful and you dont even know it
you run through my mind day and night
life goes so fast, i only hope that i dont pass it

your fingertips, like razor blades
they tear through my skin
so wrecked and tattered
but i hope, falling from this 5 story building
that something breaks my fall

waiting for me down below, there's nothing
just blood splattered canvases
the others, here before me
had nothing to live for
why me?
why am i next in line?
your pretty face leaves scars in the back of my mind

something that will never heal, there for life
if i lose you now, life doesnt go on
from up here, the air is so clear
with the tons of concrete beneath my feet
the leap seems all to easy
with the poison in my blood, point and fire at will
its not hard to be me

sit back and enjoy the show
as you watch, with deep breaths
im back for the encore
five stories below.

fuck...its all over, its done.

no, this is not a suicide threat.
idea's are going through my head and i had to just randomly type up something quick. while the inspirations there, you cant just sit and let it leave. use it, cherish it. it doesnt come easy. im done. god..i dont even want to have replies but i cant stop myself. i really dont want to hear how bad or good it is..but sometimes it helps. i dont want fake opinions.
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