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tboblp (profile) wrote,
on 12-13-2004 at 3:14pm
Subject: The final lineup for the audition
If youre looking to hear these songs, they shouldnt be hard to find on some kazaa-like program. Michelle is by the Beatles and Blue Bossa is by Joe Henderson. Of course my chord melody arrangement for Michelle is nothing like the original. The melody i refer to is vocal, the chords are the same as used in the song, and the altered chord melody is improv of the original chord melody. Blue Bossa I use the same melody, note wise, and the same chords being played on the piano in the song. I play the chords and melody in two different places for the piece, to add a little flavour and show my versatility. In a typical performance I would play in a single position throughout the song. The timing that I use for blue bossa is much less 'latin' and more jazz/blues sounding, almost swing-like.


First Piece:

I. Chord Melody
Play through repeat
II. Note Melody
III. Rhythm chords
IV. Altered Chord Melody
D.S. al Coda
V. Chord Melody

Second Piece:
Blue Bossa
(No musical direction, play through entire piece each time)

I. Rhythm 1st position
II. Melody 1st position
III. Improv 1st position
IV. Rhythm 2nd position
V. Improv melody 2nd position
VI. Arppegio melody 1st position
VII. Melody 1st position
VIII. Rhythm 1st position
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