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dumbblonde1137 (profile) wrote,
on 12-13-2004 at 3:33pm
Current mood: indescribable
Music: fallout boy
Subject: where is your boy tonight?...
last night was the most AMAZING night of my life....

......Jingleball 2004: got ready and went to the ODC with ashley sam and camila. got there and sam forgot the tickets lol so camilas parents had to come bak. then we go up to the top thingy and there was this guy posing as ryan cabrera. an imposter ryan cabrera!! that made me mad. then when we got in, me and sam bought shirts, (i bought a ryan cabrera one lol) then on our way to the bathroom to change into our new shirts, we saw a sign that said Meet Ryan Cabrera here after the performance". i had a spaz. we changed and then went to our awesome seats. FOURTH ROW BABY!!! ryan cabrera performed first. it was amazing. he sang "Exit to Exit", "True", and "On the Way Down". god it was beautiful. lol. he showed the crowd his pink santa socks and scooby-doo boxers , hes soooo adorable omg! then, since there wasnt alot of ppl there yet since it jus started, me and same were the only ones around us standing up and i was jumping up and down, yelling "i love you" and waving and omggg...he waved to me!! yeah i know, im a fag. lol.--oh yeah and hes so skilled that he slso sang in spanish. then as soon as he was done singing, he busted out his drumming skills for us. so hott. then as soon as he was done, we fucking sprinted to where we could meet him. turned out u had to buy his cd right there for $20 to meet him. so i bought another cd and got in line. ommmmg. i almost died. he signed my cd "To: JANELLE ryan cabrera". and i couldnt say anything but i knew i had to so i finally managed to say to him: omg, i love you and then he was like You Rock! --and he gave me a high five!!!!. then hahahha i asked him if i could touch his hair. hahah he said Sure! ---and bent his head down and i touched it!!! it was amazing. then sam took my picture with him. then we had to leave and after we left i started crying hysterically. that was literally a dream come true.

after that i called like evryone i could think of :gustavo, mommy, chris, max, niki, nicole, lauri, alina, etc. then we went bak and watched the rest of the concert. switchfoot, hilary duff , black eyed peas, and maroon 5 were the best. john mayer, kevin lyttle, and alicia keys were good too. omg there was this extremely gay man/tranny who was like dancing in the aisle and got the entire stadiums attention. it was after the concert we met up with our limo driver, Zilton. hahaha. i had never been in a limo before, but they are highly overrated. then we went home and yeah.

my life is definately complete now....<333

ryan cabrera is such a sweetheart, and he writes/plays his own music. siiiigh...he's absolutely perfect.

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