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musicalbabe (profile) wrote,
on 12-13-2004 at 5:13pm
Current mood: blah
Music: Into the Woods-On the Steps of the Palace
Subject: Update!
"...and then earlier this evening i did carolling for cans with interact. wow way much fun. we basically just walked around carolling(very tone-deafedly, melissa darling you would have killed us all) and collecting cans at different houses. one lady actually like plugged her ears. HAHAHA. "

Haha!! I wouldn't have killed you, just gotten extremely frustrated. But LOL!! I love you darling!

So I've been busy recently. (I know, you didn't see that one coming, did you?) 4 concerts in...*calculates* 11 days. Okay, so that's not so impressive, but they went as follows:

Thursday: somewhat of a surprise G21/CC/MSS performance at Filoli
-lots of fun!!
-missed half of 5th and all of 7th...ugh!
-Magnificat was CRAP!! very funny...
-Estampie didn't suck!!
-Debbie was about ready to kill Mr. Shaull
-Mr. Shaull was about ready to kill the audience
-Filoli was PREEETY!!

Tuesday: G21/MSS holiday concert
-sat and watched MSS stuff!
-did the chant (eeeek!!)
-sang lots of stuff, feet went numb
-listened to more of MSS and HOLIDAY STUFF!!!
(I must admit that every December I LIVE to hear MSS sing their holiday repetoire. No joke. I love you THAT MUCH!!)

Wedesday: Instrumental Music Winter Concert
-Prelude and Fugue was okay...
-oboe solo on El Camino went really well!!
-mom cried (ohhh her wittle babykins had an oboe solo....ooooh)
-people said I did a good job :-D

Sunday: Choral Union Winter Concert
-came in blouse/skirt for Chorale picture
-changed into dress for CC/G21 pictures
-sang with CC...Estampie was a little off, Ose Shalom/Hymn of Praise were okay
-changed during ONE SONG (VMG) into blouse/skirt, unpacked oboe, had no spit, "wet" reed, walked onstage
-sang SWS as Alex was not onstage for his solo, held oboe/music/reed while singing
-tuned oboe...yeesh! scary! played oboe solo, not bad, back to sing
-sang Lord of the Dance, SUCKED, end Chorale
-changed back into dress during GE, put oboe away, went on for G21
-G21 sounded AWESOME!!! Fun stuff!!!
-break, feet are officially numb
-on for Magnificat, awesome time singing Magnificat, feet are in even MORE pain
-hobble offstage, bow too many times because of a standing ovation

Fun, no?

We also had an 11-1 rehearsal with orchestra on Saturday, on which day we also got our Christmas tree, and I sang with church people (quartet) for 8:00 service Christmas Eve. Good times! Vented to Andrew about coughthingscough, came home, listened to Magnificat/MVHS Madrigals/Grunt: A Pigorian Chant while putting ornaments on tree/eating ice cream.

Sunday I also had church, sang for Shaully (LOLROTFLMAO) becuase Jerry broke her foot, rode my trainer's horse at Shoestring, (OMG FREAKISH 17.1H MARE!!! Pretty fun, though...) got to LAHS by 4:30 (BARELY!) for call time for pics.

Oh, and I finally met Jeff's "hot" cousin Jake. Sarah seems to think that he's hers before he's mine. Ummm no. I dated Jake's cousin, I get to date Jake FIRST. HE'S MINE, OKAY? Oh, and so is this freshman in band. He plays contrabass clarinet, and was on Water Polo. HOTNESS. He shaved his CUTE curly reddish hair because they went undefeated. Now he goes around wearing these cute little knit beanies!! He's very huggable and speaks 4 languages. Okay, so he IS a freshman, but HE'S HOT. And I don't know his name. Shut up.

So I have my Alg II final tomorrow. I can get 42% on the final and still have an A- in the class. No joke. WHOOO!!
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