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sushininja (profile) wrote,
on 12-13-2004 at 7:07pm
Well, this weekend had its ups and downs...maybe downs more than ups, but who knows...Starting off at Thursday's concert, which went well...Brittany's solo turned out well, and she picked me up before hand...afterwards, I hung around with Alex at DQ, and had a few laughs and what not...after that, he showed me his boss acceleration...I went home, worked on my essay, and got it checked by Carmen...

Friday, I went down to Capital, and had a blast...I met with Cynthia, who's the professor down there for bassoon...I played a few duets with her, and she said I sounded good...met a girl ^_^, who happened to be the other bassoonist...she was nice, ended up talking with her for most of the day, but unfortunately did not get her email address or anything...I sat in on both of the wind ensemble's rehearsals...I could sight read the music of the lesser two bands, and then the higher band took some work...after that, we drove home...after stopping at Wendy's, I slept the way home, until we got to findlay...we went to Dietche's to get some ice cream, and then came home after stopping by Madhatter's...Eventually, Jax called me, and we went for a walk...this kinda led to not good things...thing U could have done

Saturday, I woke up, went to BGSU and took the ACTs...I think I did fairly well...after that, I came home, screwed around a while, and then went to work...after work, went to pick up Carmen and then to the Christmas was fun, and then afterwards, we went to Meijer and Kroger to look for books for my mom...didn't find them, took a drive so we could talk...I learned a few things that hurt a whole lot, angered me, and well, in turn, will probably help me get over Carmen...

Sunday, I did some homework, went to WaldenBooks with Carmen to get my mother some more books, and then came home, ate lunch, did more homework, etc. Went to Olive Garden for dinner, and then came home for bassoon lessons...after all that, worked on AP, and then read a lot of Franken Bitch...and then went to bed...

Quote of the day:
"Forgive me Father
For I know not what I do;
I leave a void to fill one,
Hear my prayers from far below."
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